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Logística Canarias

Our company was created
from the Canary Islands.

We put our heart and soul into our job

every day so we can improve

and give you the logistic services you
need. You trust us and we always deliver

on our promise.

Delfin Lines Canarias valores

Our logistic services make the difference.

We offer acustomized service; a real
time tracking of your goods (you can monitor them in our website); we guarantee the direct and effective
management with advanced

technology and large and modern facilities. Our customers’ experience
is our best award.

We are by your side to reach your goal.

From the Canary Islands, we accompany you along the entire process, providing you with ongoing assistance and advisment. We care
about everything so that we can ensure you with a peace of mind. You will always have the information and the services you need to go as far as you want to.

Our absolute values

honesty, efficiency, safety, commitment,

and on time services.

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